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The New LinkedIn – Three Crucial Tips for Job Seekers

Job searching is consuming enough on its own – don’t let the new LinkedIn user interface add to your stress. If the changes are tripping you up, you’re not alone. Check out these three important tips job seekers should know when you using the new LinkedIn.

1. Be an Open Candidate. The Open Candidate feature was added to the platform last fall so if you missed this update, here’s a quick overview.

The features allows you to privately signal recruiters that you’re looking for a new opportunity and filter out the specifics of your job search without it being public knowledge (nope, your boss won’t see this).

Head to the Jobs tab at the top and click “Update Preferences.” Once you’re in there, you can customize each field to fit the needs of your search.

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Having this setting on will allow your profile to stand out to those using LinkedIn Recruiter, increasing your chance of finding the right fit for your next gig!

2. Keep up with Companies. Any organization that has an enhanced company page can share a lot of extra information with you that you may not see by just looking at their website.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Overview
    Corporate statement, general info (okay, this detail you may see on their website) and preview to the other two tabs.
  • Jobs
    Their open positions. This isn’t exactly a new feature, but a much cleaner design that will match your skills to their qualifications for a better experience on your end. This section also gives you an idea of the employee demographics that make up the organization.

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  • What We Do
    This is the good stuff. Here’s where you can see what the company is up to. News, photos, employee spotlights and featured content are great ways to get a look inside company culture. Not to mention finding the right people to connect with inside the organization.

3. Scope out Salary Data. One of the major components in your decision to take an offer is salary. While money doesn’t buy happiness, we all want to know if our compensation is aligned with the market. You can get an idea of what someone with a similar job title as you is making with LinkedIn’s Salary search.

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LinkedIn’s data is based on salary information privately submitted to the platform. Tip! If you privately submit your information, you’ll have more detailed insight to various facts that impact pay scale. Notice the emphasis on private – LinkedIn can’t stress enough – your data will never be shared publicly.

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