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Picture this: your company has an immediate staffing need. You need to act fast to secure the best professional. You reach out to some recruiters and before you know it, your inbox is overwhelmed with subpar resumes. Now you’re forced to spend unnecessary time and resources to sift through the clutter to find on-target applicants. Can you be sure that the resume with all the right buzzwords really is the best available option?

Now imagine this: you reach out to Planet Professional. We take the time to thoroughly understand your needs and the specifications for the open position. We take that information and reach out to candidates that we have previously interviewed and vet them on your specific needs. Our goal is to present you with candidates that are appropriate for, and interested in, your position. While there may be many candidates that want your job, there are only a few that you should consider. You get to focus on your business while we leverage our network and handle quality control.

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We have utilized Planet Professional for multiple temp roles and every time we have utilized your services we have received regular updates, fast turnaround and quality candidates. I am very pleased with the support that Planet Professional has provided.

Adam S.

Planet Professional is incredibly easy to work with and supplies quality candidates. Compared to other agencies I have used in the past, the pool of candidates are miles apart in qualifications and Peter Mulligan understands and knows exactly when I am looking for in a candidate where other agencies honestly struggle or constantly try to make a square peg fit into a round hole when it comes to candidates and the open positions.

Human Services Client

Andrew Finn and I have a long relationship where he knows me and my needs well, with a strong emphasis on our culture. It makes the process more efficient and we’ve had extraordinary success matching candidates with our team.

Chris M.

I’ve always been impressed with Planet Professional’s ability to understand and work within our (sometimes) frustrating stop-and-go hiring process. Our account manager is always so easy to work with and really seems to understand the way our organization operates. I never feel pressure or like I am being given a sales pitch. It’s so refreshing to work with an account manager who is so laid-back, but at the same time extremely confident and results-driven.

Blaine B.

When we have immediate needs to fill, Melanie Kilsey Merner and her team get on it “NOW!” I have had to depend on Melanie to do the follow-up, coordinate interviews, etc. Whatever I have asked of her, it gets taken care of. I have no other vendor that I can trust to that extent.

Deb R.

Rachel Laufersweiler is courteous, upbeat and always has a professional attitude. This lends to me reaching out to her first for all our recruitment needs, as well as send leads her way. I truly feel like she genuinely cares about my company and all its concerns. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Alex S.

I have worked with Planet Professional for years and appreciate the caliber of candidates my account manager sends to me and professionalism of their recruiting team. Best in class!

Wendy M.

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