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Why You Should Have a Recruiter on Your Team

When you think of your annual check-in appointments, the dentist, doctor and extended family are most likely on your list. But, what about a yearly check-in with your recruiter? Having a relationship with a respected recruiter, even if you are not actively looking for a job, can be extremely beneficial to your career. Here’s why:

1. Furthering your career is time-consuming.

It’s very difficult when you are working, especially when you are relatively happy and engaged with your role, to keep an eye out for new opportunities. If you have a recruiter on your team – one you keep in contact with regularly, there is someone else keeping your career goals in mind. Additionally, having a go-to expert is helpful in understanding the job market, salary expectations, company insights and more. A solid recruiter, and one who knows you, is an invaluable partner.

2. Checking in can pay off.

Most recruiters like to hear from their candidates. We aren’t looking to keep you on the phone for thirty minutes if we don’t have a good opportunity for you. We don’t want to waste your time, or ours. We’ve had candidates send us a simple “how are you?” email that lead to a brand-new opportunity.

3. Regular communication keeps you top-of-mind.

For recruiters who work with a large group of candidates, the individuals they know best and keep in touch with most often tend to come to mind first when an exciting opportunity opens up. Before they check the database or search online for resumes, they think of the people they already know and enjoy working with. Candidates who take control of their job search and take the time to develop their recruiter-relationship tend to have an edge over their competition because we can sell their personality in a more compelling manner.

The biggest takeaway? Find a recruiter you enjoy. Like any lasting relationship, it’s all about chemistry. If you have a tough time finding a recruiter you’d want to have a casual call with, then ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Your network is sure to have a good referral to send your way.

Building a relationship with a recruiter takes time. You may not see the immediate purpose of these quick check-ins along the way, but it could lead to your dream role down the road. Add a check-in with your recruiter when you have a job change (received a promotion), life change (going to graduate school) or personal change (moving). These are all good reasons to connect and share your news. It will pay off in the long run.

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