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Our Unique Approach to Professional Staffing

Are you tired of working with recruiters that throw you endless resumes of questionable quality? We would be also. That’s why Planet Professional maintains a robust screening process that expeditiously delivers top candidates.

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Stronger quality, not endless quantity

Planet Professional introduces you to the candidates that are most qualified and best suited to your positions. Our screening process is of the highest standard.

Applied Intelligence

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we know what makes hiring managers tick. Understanding, anticipating, and meeting industry needs is our forte.

What sets us apart?
One word: Impact.

The truth is, most staffing and search firms say they provide customized solutions, exceptional service, and proven processes; at Planet Professional, we realize that these things alone are not enough for you to trust us with your business or career.

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Our Award-Winning Services

On-demand Staffing

Finding and hiring the right staff can be a tough task. We make the process easy. We identify talent with high-demand skill sets, hire them quickly, and onboard them effectively with our on-demand staffing services. We leverage our robust talent pipeline to get the job done efficiently to streamline the hiring process.

Contract Staffing

We understand the marketplace and which critical skill sets are in high demand. We connect talent to clients based on factors such as experience, communication style, and personality. We focus on the details and ensure that you only receive the highest-quality candidates. Our focus is always on our client's success. 


This is an increasingly popular option for our clients. Contract-to-hire staffing solutions are ideal for testing a mutual fit between company and candidate. We have a team of contract-to-hire experts who know how to find the right talent and positively impact your cash flow.

Direct Hire

It’s true that a direct hire is an investment. Recruitment and onboarding are a costly and time-intensive process. Each employee is an asset and companies always seek to find people that will be there long term. We methodically screen and inspect references on every candidate we present. Our clients receive only the most qualified candidates for the interview stage.


You’ve realized that it’s time for payroll support. You need to delegate the brunt of the work but keep control of the process. This is where we help. Our payroll model is a collaboration between us and our client. We manage hiring, paperwork, work issues, and more. You establish the roles and boundaries of the deal, saving yourself time while maintaining control of the process. We believe it’s possible to make payroll easy.

Managed Services

We have a wealth of experience in managing non-permanent employee hiring. This includes contractors, temporary workers, consultants, and other freelance employees. This option is fantastic for our clients who want Planet Professional to do the heavy lifting while they maintain control over the operation.

We help your recruitment process shine. Work With Planet Professional today.

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