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Providing Specialized Recruitment When Needed

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Although focused on the recruitment of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Administrative talent, Planet Professional regularly provides specialized recruiting services to our clients and other growing organizations.

Often, these recruitment needs are brought about by unique hiring circumstances such as:

During national health crises where businesses need workers to ensure workplace safety and maintain productivity

A funding event that triggers the need for quickly hiring specialized talent

Regulatory approval that warrants additional staffing and project work

Seasonal needs gearing up to a particular date, be that holidays, tax day, open enrollment, or financial aid submission windows

There is an art to quickly hiring large classes of employees

If you find yourself in this position, here’s some advice to follow.

Whether your specialized hiring needs are for one unique role critical to your business’ success, or multiple project workers to support your growth, Planet Professional is here to help. With a team of 50 national recruiters that can staff individual roles or class-hiring of 20+ openings, we can, and will, accommodate any project, big or small across the nation. 

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Project Hiring

Many times, this type of staffing is volume-based class or project hiring, meaning a large pool of employees (contract or permanent / direct hire) is needed in a short amount of time. Our experience with these types of projects is deep and over the years, we have helped countless organizations with hiring 20+ employees in support roles, including:

Laboratory Technicians

Warehouse workers

Picker / packers

Call center representatives


Temperature screeners


Customer service representatives

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