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Customer Support Team Recruited for Expanding Health Company

Founded in 2013, the client is a health and wellness company headquartered in Massachusetts. Their mission is to enable providers and healthcare systems to bridge gaps in access and care, all while increasing patient satisfaction through their plethora of medical device and service offerings.  

The Challenge

The client set out to build a robust, remote customer service team to support their services, specifically for their early cancer screening medical device product. With the goal of improving healthcare outcomes, patients have the option to have this product delivered directly to their home address. However, the client faced a handful of operational challenges related to this service.

  • Lacked critical personnel to field inquiries and conduct proactive patient follow-up
  • Difficulty in pre-screening candidates with appropriate soft skills for customer service positions
  • Required assistance identifying locales with practical market rates

To effectively meet this customer-service need, the client determined they needed the assistance of a staffing partner to recruit and place qualified individuals on their behalf.  

The Solution

Due to their expanded business model and national reach, the client identified Planet Professional as a suitable recruiting partner to facilitate their business goals. Initially, Planet Professional recruiters tapped their networks, and consulted the client on regions where they might secure critical customer service personnel to support their services. Though this team was to be remote, the client felt it important for their staff to be clustered, fostering a greater engagement across the organization.  Factors like demographics, cost-of-living, and availability of talent played a critical role in this assessment. Soon, after a thorough market analysis, Planet Professional presented their findings, the client taking their suggestion to hire in the suggested metro area.

In the second phase of this engagement, the client turned over the identification and recruitment of customer-service talent to Planet Professional. They had confidence in Planet’s expertise, having them conduct interviews and candidate pre-screens as a part of the hiring process. Soft skills such as empathy and communication were imperative, and Planet Professional recruiters were able to quickly assess which candidates met these qualifications, filling 37 positions for 3 hiring classes over 6 weeks. Throughout this period, the client came to view Planet Professional as not just as staffing provider, but a trusted partner that could help them achieve their national talent acquisition goals.

The Results

Planet Professional’s recruiting capabilities enabled the client to build out a robust customer support team in a new metro region. To date, Planet has placed 80+ customer service representatives within the organization. The engagement was so successful that the client has plans to replicate this process in the American southwest. Throughout, Planet Professional has played a critical role in the client’s expansion, and is continuing to provide ongoing hiring support.

Photo Credit: Canva