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Recruitment for Nonprofit Serving the Five Boroughs

The client is a New York City based nonprofit that serves low-income populations across the five boroughs. Initially founded as a foodbank, the client has grown into an organization that also supports and facilitates access to services and benefits like SNAP and WIC for those that qualify.

The client also partners with the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, also known as VITA. VITA is a free public service providing free income tax assistance to those in need. Qualifying members include:

  • People making less than 60K a year
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Limited English-speaking taxpayers

Key Challenges

To successfully implement the VITA program, the client launched a bulk hiring initiative to meet the increased need for their crucial tax services. To effectively meet escalating demand during this period, they required the help of a staffing partner to best serve their community.

The Solution

The client had come to rely on Planet Professional as one of their primary staffing partners for the yearly tax season since 2012. After securing several job requisitions, Planet Professional quickly began identifying and recruiting resources on the nonprofit’s behalf. In addition, many of the candidates were bilingual too, a critical asset when it came to serving New York City’s diverse population.

After an initial screening, all prospective candidates underwent an IRS certification assessment, followed by in-person training. This process resulted in 16 placements facilitated by Planet Professional in a variety of positions within the nonprofit’s VITA program.

  • Site Coordinator
  • Assistant Site Coordinator
  • Quality Reviewer
  • Tax Preparer/FSA Coach
  • Admin
  • Intake
  • Call Center

The Results

With the help of Planet Professional, the nonprofit was able to efficiently hire resources to carry out their yearly VITA program. These personnel are key to ensuring low-income individuals and families throughout the New York City region receive critical tax assistance. To date, the client has partnered with Planet Professional for over a decade, and this partnership continues to grow still.

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