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Recruiting Critical Operational Support

A world leader in diagnostic information services, the client provides lab work, testing, and drug screening services for patients and healthcare systems throughout the United States. They are committed to finding innovative ways to identify and treat disease, placing critical emphasis on accessible test results and medical data for doctors and hospitals. Their ongoing dedication ensures patients receive the quality care and support they need.

The Challenge

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the client required additional staff and support to manage their influx in testing. The rapidly evolving situation meant they could not feasibly hire and onboard staff entirely in-house. As a result, the client determined they needed the assistance of a staffing provider with national reach to help them meet this urgent demand.

The Solution

Due to a pre-existing partnership, the client contracted Planet Professional to help them meet their staffing challenges. In the early stages of this engagement, Planet Professional’s business development team opened a direct line of communication with the client’s leadership. Such discussions were critical to truly assessing the client’s need.

Following the initial conversations, Planet Professional recruiters set out to secure talent on the client’s behalf.  The knowledge gained from the information gathering phase proved critical in finding suitable candidates for administrative and operational support positions. Throughout this process Planet’s adept recruiters went beyond simply matching requirements to resumes. Rather, they identified a plethora of candidates with the determination and drive to meet this unprecedented challenge, securing these quality professionals to bolster the client’s testing capacity.

The Results

Backed by a national recruiting pipeline, Planet Professional placed over 150 candidates within the client’s organization. Initially, these candidates were brought on as contractors, but many of them were converted to permanent positions after a brief period, highlighting their individual dedication and willingness to learn onsite. Though previously having only worked with the client to staff finance and corporate positions, Planet Professional was able to seamlessly transition to the operations sector, and help the client meet their critical recruiting needs. As a result, the client was well positioned to increase their testing capacity.  

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