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Why Healthcare is a Great Sector for Professional Roles

There’s no such thing as a “perfect role.” But if you enjoy helping people, are motivated by upward mobility, and crave stability, healthcare jobs come pretty close. 

In my many years in recruiting, I’ve seen just how valuable and impactful working in healthcare can be, and I am here to tell you that you don’t need a science background to qualify. There are plenty of finance, accounting, HR, and executive assistant positions that can turn into fulfilling long-term careers. 

To illustrate this point, I’m sharing just a few of the major benefits healthcare roles offer. 

4 Key Benefits of a Professional Role in Healthcare 

Although there are many pros to working in healthcare, here are four of the main advantages to working in this sector. 

1. Everybody Needs Healthcare 

Unlike other sectors, healthcare is a necessity. People will always need access to hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceuticals. What’s more, healthcare facilities will always need professional staff like accountants and administrative specialist to make sure things run smoothly.  

In this way, healthcare is essentially a recession-proof organization. While there may be fluctuations here and there, the professional, behind-the-scenes work at a healthcare company work is relatively straightforward and stable. 

For that reason alone, you’ll see people tend to stay in healthcare for a long period of time. 

2. The Work is Currently In High Demand 

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, nearly half a million healthcare workers were hired every month in 2022. Yet the market still needs more staff — healthcare employment is expected to grow by 13% in the next 10 years

And these roles aren’t limited to bedside care. Continued innovations in the healthcare sector are creating even more demand for finance and accounting professionals, and the surge in new employees will require additional HR structure and warrant more executive assistants. 

3. Your Work Helps Others 

One of the biggest draws to working in healthcare is that your day-to-day tasks contribute to a larger mission. Your accomplishments aren’t just internal points of pride; they’re actually helping people today or in the future. 

Many healthcare organizations have a research arm working on cures for cancer and rare diseases and discovering preventative measures that preserve everyone’s longevity. Feeling like you’re a part of that team can be a big motivator. 

3. Skills Are Easily Transferable 

The need for healthcare staff is everywhere. If you or your family needs or wants to relocate, it’s fairly easy to make an internal move. Even if that’s not possible, switching companies within the healthcare space is pretty seamless. 

While every company is different, large healthcare corporations tend to have similar systems and processes. So if you can learn how to do something in one organization, you can probably pick up how another company does the same thing pretty quickly, and those skills are highly transferable. 

4. There’s Room to Grow 

Typically, healthcare organizations are very large, spanning all US states and sometimes other countries. That’s good news for upward mobility because these companies usually have robust HR departments that outline and manage clear performance review cycles and opportunities for promotion. 

Land Your Next Role Today 

Healthcare is a fantastic opportunity for finance, accounting, HR, and other administrative professionals looking for a challenging, rewarding, and lasting career. The key is getting your foot in the door. 

Because these roles come with so many benefits, the recruiting landscape can be competitive. And because virtually any company needs professional roles, hiring can be difficult, too. 

The good news is that we at Planet Professional can help — regardless of whether you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager. 

I personally am an expert in healthcare staffing and have a particular passion for the industry. Find out more about my approach by reaching out to me directly, by requesting talent, or by contacting us for a free consultation. 

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