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Why Accounting Is A Great Sphere for Working Moms

When you become a mom, you start thinking more about what you want in your life and what you don’t. And sometimes that internal conversation involves your career. 

How will you prioritize spending time with your kids while still moving up the corporate ladder? 

How will you bring in enough income to care for your family? 

These are big questions, and not every career path is conducive to a working mom’s needs. The good news is that there is at least one — accounting. 

Below, we’ll delve into five reasons to pursue accounting or finance roles if you’re looking to balance your family life with your professional one. 

5 Benefits of Accounting for Mothers 

1. Flexibility 

Accounting gives working moms a wealth of options in terms of how they work — remotely or in-office — and what companies they work at. Every organization in every industry needs accountants, which means you can explore other verticals while still working the same kind of job. The more you explore, the bigger your network will become, making it easier to get jobs in the future. 

Local businesses almost always need bookkeepers and accounting clerks, roles that often offer part-time hours. If you’re responsive, organized, and can show that you can hit month-end deadlines, smaller clients or companies may even let you work during times that are more convenient for you, like nights and weekends. 

Overall, you have a higher chance of finding a role with flexible hours and work environments in accounting than you do if you’re looking for positions in other departments. 

2. Predictable Hours 

Predictable hours are crucial for working moms who need to plan around daycare, preschool, babysitters, and the like. Unlike other fields, accounting is known as a stable, 9-to-5 kind of job. Knowing what your hours are and feeling confident that each day will be roughly the same makes it far less stressful to coordinate schedules and helps you feel on top of your day. 

3. Greater Income 

Having a child is expensive, and accounting is lucrative — even if you’re just pivoting to the industry or are working a contract job. 

Plus, there’s room to grow in your career. You could start out as an accounting intern and work your way up to being the Controller or CFO of a company one day. With all these opportunities ahead, accounting moms have more control over the bacon they’re bringing home. 

4. Accessible Resources 

There are so many online resources to jumpstart or advance your career in accounting. In a quick Google search, you’ll find accreditations for: 

  • Accounting basics 
  • Specific accounting principles for specific countries or industries 
  • Various types of accounting software 
  • Bookkeeping for small businesses 
  • Auditing best practices 

…and more. These courses can be a good way to level up your knowledge if you’re preparing for a promotion or if you’re getting ready to re-enter the workforce after parental leave. Taking classes shows that they are ready, excited for, and prepared to take on higher-level accounting work. 

5. An Opportunity to Increase Female Representation 

While inspiring progress has been made, women are still underrepresented in accounting. More and more companies are trying to bridge that gap and are interested in hiring diverse talent like working moms. 

And they’d be lucky to hire them — moms tend to be very detail-oriented (after all, they have to be), the best quality an accountant can have. 

Score Your Next Accounting Role 

In many ways, accounting is the ideal profession for working moms. Think it’s the right choice for you? 

Reach out to us at Planet Professional to get placed in your dream accounting role today. Or, if you’re hiring accounting or finance talent, contact us to get in touch with a pool of fantastic candidates — including working moms.