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Video Chat Resources for Working Remotely, Hiring and Job Searching

Working from home can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but during the COVID-19 emergency, can be even more difficult. Staying connected with teammates, colleagues and clients is critical, as is continuing your hiring and job search. If you don’t have access to an enterprise video conferencing solution, don’t fret, there are several free tools available that will help get the job done.

Google Meet

All work and personal Gmail accounts enable you to access Google Meet, an easy way to video chat from your laptop or phone. Access it from your Google account here:

Or via If you’re not sure how to use it for video chatting, here’s a quick tutorial.

Skype (Microsoft)

Skype is Microsoft’s video conferencing platform and a good solution for video chats. Their free version has a feature where you can host a call or meeting without downloading anything (you do need to signup, though). See the desktop version here:

They also have a cool feature that will blur your background. For a tutorial on how to use Skype for video calls, visit this video resource.


Zoom also has a free group meeting and video conferencing option; the desktop version can be accessed here: Although there is a 40-minute limit for group meetings in the free plan, you can host up to 100 participants. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Zoom.

Additionally, don’t forget about Facetime in a pinch. And, GoToMeeting and Join.Me both have free trials, but not free versions.

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