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The Benefits of Contracting Jobs for Finance and Accounting Professionals

There are a lot of myths surrounding contract jobs: 

“Finance and accounting professionals can’t find legitimate contract work.” 

“Contract jobs are unstable.” 

“You lose your benefits doing contract work.” 

But nearly all of them are untrue. 

The past several years have shown us that even the most promising startups and the largest enterprises do rounds of layoffs. And you’d be surprised how many companies are starving for finance and accounting help that are willing to offer contractor benefits. 

Beyond that, contract jobs are an excellent way to gain exposure, maintain work-life balance, earn more money, and test out new industries. Keep reading for five specific reasons to consider contract work. 

5 Advantages of Project-Based Work 

1. You Get Exposure to New Companies and Industries 

So many people are trying to pivot out of their industry and into a hotter category like pharma or tech. 

But hiring managers at pharma and tech companies want to see candidates with experience in those fields. To do their jobs well, they need to know the laws, accounting principles, and processes that govern work in that particular industry. Many roles also require some level of proficiency with specific finance and accounting solutions. 

Contract jobs are a great way to get that experience, serving as a stepping stone to the area you want to work in. You may even discover that you hate it, and that’s ok! You can always get a different contract job to test an alternative industry. Ultimately, contract jobs help you get to where you want to be faster. 

2. You Can Charge More 

It takes guts, time, effort, and talent to venture out on your own, and contractors pass those costs on to their clients. Typically, candidates make more during their contract than they would working the same amount of time at a permanent job. And, as mentioned above, some staffing firms like, Planet Professional, offers contractors benefits.  

3. You Can Build Your Network 

Working at multiple organizations, you start to build out a vast network of folks who might: 

  • Know about other gigs you could apply to 
  • Introduce you to their colleagues looking for full-time hires 
  • Serve as a reference 
  • Send you referrals 

The more people you know and establish relationships with, the easier your next job or contract search will be. 

4. You Can Fill Gaps in Your Resume 

With all the layoffs last year, many people are looking for new opportunities. That means there’s a lot of competition for full-time roles. 

Not so much for contract roles. You’ll get in the door much faster. And since companies that post contract roles needed help yesterday, they have a vested interest in keeping interviews short. 

Plus, contract jobs keep your skills sharp while you look for permanent roles, which is a major green flag for recruiters and hiring managers. Although if you do an excellent job, you may not even need to continue your job search — the client may ask you to come on as a full-time hire. 

5. You Have More Flexibility 

Some candidates like the predictability and comfort of a 9 – 5. But others crave adventure, preferring to work hard for a few months and then take off for a faraway land to relax and rejuvenate. 

Contract work can give you the flexibility you may want or need — rare for finance and accounting professionals. While you’ll work a 9-5 for a few months and still have to go through month-end close, you’re not tied to one client forever. You can go from one contract straight to another in a totally different industry or take extended time off and search for a new one that better fits your interests. 

Score Your Next Contract Role Today 

Contract jobs can be fantastic bridges to permanent roles — but they can also help you facilitate a more balanced lifestyle and figure out what you really want to do with your career. If you’re on the lookout for a contract job in the finance or accounting space, feel free to reach out to me or contact anyone at Planet Professional to get the ball rolling. 

And if you’re in need of contract talent, we can help you out, too. Share more about who you’re looking for, and we’ll match you with the right recruiter.