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Six Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Sometimes a new job opportunity is a perfect match for your skill set and career goals. Other times, a new position might not be the right next step in your career. But how do you avoid making a career misstep? Here are six reasons why you might turn down that job offer.

1. Job Content & Career Progression

If the responsibilities of the position are not fully in line with your goals and experience, it may make sense to turn down the offer. A resume should show logical career progression, typically with positions of increasing responsibility. Additionally, if the job involves tasks you merely tolerate, and those tasks outweigh the things you love to do – rethink the opportunity. Job changes should be made for the right next step in your career

2. Money

A job change should not be based solely on money. You need to consider the company, its reputation, career progression, and more. But even if all those things line up, when the financial offer is not strong enough or does not include a bonus or equity, it may make sense to turn it down or at least to negotiate with the prospective employer.

3. Just Because

Leaving a company just because you have another offer may not be the right decision. If a job opportunity doesn’t seem like the best fit, it makes sense to investigate other prospects. You should leave only if the new company and the new role are truly right for you.

4. Your Values

If the company that has offered you a job is in an industry that goes against your moral values, you should think long and hard about accepting it. The chances are low that you will be able to have lasting happiness with an organization you don’t believe in.

5. Family

You should definitely consider the impact the new position will have on your family and work/life balance. While a job might look perfect, significantly more hours or a substantially longer commute could negatively impact your family situation.

6. Job Movement

Take an honest look at your complete resume. Have you held a number of short-term positions of less than one year? While it’s no longer expected that people stay with one company for 25 years, moving from job to job can give a negative perception about your ability to commit. Job tenure and promotions show perseverance and responsibility. Maybe it’s a good time to say no to that new job and stick it out a little longer at your current place of employment to beef up your resume.

It always feels great when you receive a job offer. Just take these suggestions under consideration to make sure it’s the right job with the right company at the right time. And, if you decide to decline the offer, here’s advice to do it right.

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