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Publishing an Effective Job Posting

Although they may have a particular expertise, recruiters wear many hats. And one of those hats is marketing. 

Recruiters represent a company’s brand — in screening calls, at career fairs, and perhaps most of all, in job postings. But honing your marketing skills as a recruiter is tough, especially with so many tasks consuming your attention. 

To make your life a little easier, we’re spelling out the elements of job postings that have attracted the best and brightest candidates. Keep reading to find out the five must-haves in your next job posting. 

5 Components of a Compelling Job Posting 

Over time, we’ve observed that the best-performing job descriptions have the following traits in common:  

1. Use Direct and Clear Language 

Candidates like to know that they are the right person for the role, and it’s hard to do that without detailing exactly what you’re looking for. Clearly state the role’s responsibilities. Don’t use flowery language, and don’t copy/paste from other job descriptions. Being clear and concise helps weed out candidates who may not be a great fit. 

2. Define Success Metrics 

It’s impossible to hit an unknown target, so lay out the hiring manager’s expectations for the role. Share what characteristics, education, and certifications will make someone successful. Most companies show these metrics in a bulleted list of “preferred skills.” 

Again, don’t go overboard. For instance, most people applying for a go-to-market role at a tech company already know Microsoft Office — you don’t need to add that as a preferred skill. Drive more toward what the person needs to have done in the past to feel confident in the role. Make sure your list accurately reflects the type of people you want to go through your interview process. 

3. Include Company Background 

The company background section is your chance to brag a little! And it’s especially important for startups without name recognition. 

Share any accolades the company has received over the past year, highlight employee achievements, and explain how your company’s product, culture, and benefits set your organization apart. Get candidates excited about working for your company.  

Some companies add a “Day in the Life” section to their job postings, outlining what a person in the role would do on a regular basis. This helps them visualize themselves at the company and attracts the most qualified and enthusiastic candidates. 

4. Be Conscious of Where You Publish 

It’s tempting to just post every job on the same channel — it makes everything much easier to oversee and maintain. But not all candidates will be looking for jobs on the same sites. For example, recent grads may be looking on college job boards or other recruiting platforms besides LinkedIn. 

Other people may use offline job search mediums. Highly skilled candidates may seek out roles in specific professional communities or LinkedIn groups. Take the extra time to cater your publishing to the candidates you want to attract. Being more specific will help maximize your chances of getting in contact with the right candidate, even with a small recruiting or TA team. 

5. Keep Your Post Up-to-Date 

JDs aren’t a set-and-forget exercise. Roles evolve throughout the recruiting process, so make sure that the status of the position is reflected accurately in the job posting. Add or remove qualifications and responsibilities as needed. If the position gets filled, take the posting down right away. If you’ve had the posting up for months and gotten no bites, consider revising and reposting — potentially on a different platform more relevant to the position. 

Reel in Top-Tier Candidates 

Following these five simple steps — and sprinkling in your own customization and personalization — will get you well on your way to recruiting success. But if you want extra assistance finding your next excellent candidate, we’re here to help. 

Reach out to the experts at Planet Professional, one of the top recruiting firms in the nation. And if you want to take your talent to another organization, we can help with that, too. Start by reviewing our job search database today. 

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