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Graduating Soon? Land a Job with These 6 Tips

Break out the champagne — graduation is almost here!

The last few weeks of the semester seem like they’re for maximizing time with friends, checking things off your bucket list, and relishing in your accomplishments.

But as a recruiter, I can tell you they’re also a fantastic time to get a head start on your career.

And I’ve got five secrets to share. Let’s dive in.

1. Apply early and often

When hiring college graduates, I always go after the type-As. You know them — maybe you are one of them. They are the people who are one step ahead of the game.

Type-As apply for jobs months before graduation as opposed to waiting till finals week. They’ve researched the companies they want to work for. And they have a sense of what they want in their career.

In other words, they’ve done their homework. Being proactive and getting your name out there shows you’re confident in your skills and ability to learn, and you take initiative. Employers love that.

Note: If you’re a little behind, don’t freak out. Take this as a sign to start applying now.

2. Leverage your career center

If you haven’t already checked it out, pay a visit to your campus career center.

The people working there can help you update your LinkedIn, review your resume, discuss different career paths, and tell you about up-and-coming career fairs.

Some will even host onsite mock interviews with professionals in the field you want to get into. Make the most of what they have to offer. I promise you’ll get something out of it.

3. Connect with a recruiter

This may sound biased, but recruiters are invaluable resources. They know exactly what companies are hiring and what hiring managers are looking for.

Combining that knowledge with your interests and skills, they can create a list of roles you never would’ve found or thought to apply for.

Plus, they can tailor your application to get your foot in the door. Some recruiters (like me) even practice interviews with their clients, pointing out ways to help you stand out from the crowd.

4. Don’t be afraid to network

I tell my clients this all the time — I’ve pretty much gotten every job I’ve ever had through networking.

Colleagues, friends of friends, and family members have all helped me get to where I am today. So when they talk to you about graduation, don’t be afraid to share what industries or roles you’re interested in. They may be able to steer you in a helpful direction.

If you belong to an on-campus club, also consider going to events where professionals come in and speak about their careers. Try to develop a relationship by asking good questions post-event. You never know when someone will stumble on an opportunity for you.

5. Limit social media use

That sounds impossible with all the fun things going on right now. However, social media can be helpful when job hunting but it can also become your worst enemy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in a comparison game. It may look like your friend got a job at an amazing startup that offers a great salary and incredible perks.

But you never know what the reality is. As we know, napping pods, unlimited kombucha, and ball pits can be facades. And there’s no such thing as a perfect job.

Not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life? That’s okay – not everyone does! So focus on yourself. Take a hard look inward and think about what you are interested in and what your skills are. It can also be helpful to note what you don’t want in a career just as much as what you do want.

6. Don’t let your major dictate your journey

Nine out of ten people I know have a job completely unrelated to their college major. So don’t let that box you in. Even if you majored in accounting, you’ve probably developed skills that lend themselves particularly well to consulting.

Take the blinders off: you can do or be whatever you want. Stay open to opportunities presented to you. Explore new paths.

No matter where you end up, you’ll learn something — even if you don’t like where you’re at. Knowing that a job isn’t for you will ultimately get you closer to the job that’s right for you!

And if you need help, I’m here to give it. Connect with me on LinkedIn or search for open roles on the Planet-Pro database. Best of luck!

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