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How HR will Evolve in 2022

The past few years have reinforced how futile it is to predict the future.

But at the same time, we still need to prepare ourselves for a new year with new goals and challenges. So although I don’t have a crystal ball, I do have a birds-eye view into what’s happening in the HR industry.

To gear yourself up for what will surely be another whirlwind of the year, I’ve pulled together a list of four HR trends emerging around recruiting, training and development, technology, and efficiency.  Let’s dive in.

1. Recruiting is back in full force

As you’ve probably seen in many news headlines, recruiting is on a tear. Last year, many companies were still playing catch up from the pandemic. So they’d put hiring on pause, discontinuing outbound communication with active or passive candidates.

This year, companies are bouncing back, amping up their hiring to recruit the best and brightest talent. That means the competition is heating up, and it’s been difficult for companies to stand out. This year, companies will need to emphasize the unique things they bring to the table, whether it’s flexible hours, an outstanding culture, or great benefits. Focusing on your employer brand and streamlining your recruiting and interview process will help you attract the best possible candidates.

Of course, that’s hard to do with smaller or greener teams. Consider working with a recruiting agency to ensure you’re spending the right time and energy in the right places.

2. Virtual training and development

We’re still in a virtual world, which means that everything must be remote一even learning. In the past, companies would fly employees to a particular city for a two-week stint of training. Sure, the extra time networking and seeing old friends was fun, and the content was worthwhile. But realistically, many of those training sessions could be condensed to two days worth of material.

And these days, companies don’t have the budget or time to waste on long development workshops. Plus, it’s still not safe to get that many people together.

This year, I foresee many companies converting their training and development to web-based learning. This forces them to distill the content to the most salient points, but it also enables them to make training more accessible to everyone. Web-based presentations can be recorded and accessed anytime, anywhere.

Virtual training and development will save everyone time and level-up employees’ skills faster.

3. Enhancing the remote work experience

Several companies tried to go back to the office last year, but even the best-laid plans were disrupted. It’s clear that virtual work is here to stay, and instead of slightly modifying old ways of working, companies need to fully shift in their technology and process to accommodate it.

First, employees need the right technology to do their jobs. If they haven’t already, you’ll see companies experiment with different video conferencing, instant message, and remote learning tools. They might also give employees stipends to boost their WiFi connection or upgrade their home office set up.

Second, companies need to think carefully about their tolerance for flexible work. For example, employees might have children at home or be caring for a sick family member. These people want to work at companies that allow them to get their work done when possible, whether that means early in the morning, late at night, or even in a 4-day workweek. Companies that are proactive in offering flexible arrangements will have the best chances of locking in excellent new hires this year.

4. Efficiency is top of mind

With so much excitement around HR this year, it’s important for companies to reassess the effectiveness of what they’re doing right now. How can their processes be improved? How can they do more in less time? How are their recruitment, onboarding, and learning systems serving them, and are they up to par with what other companies are doing?

It’s easy to do the same thing you’ve been doing year after year, but companies can’t afford not to see the forest for the trees in such a competitive climate. That’s why leaning on recruiting partners can be a great way to get and stay ahead of the curve. They have exposure to what companies in many different industries are doing, and can help you implement strategies that will serve you in 2022 and beyond.

Make 2022 count

Although no one knows exactly what this year will bring, I do know that hiring isn’t going away, that technology will continue to play a role in the HR industry, and that offering remote work is one of the biggest ways to unlock hidden talent.

But ensuring you’re ready to tackle these trends head-on takes effort and dedication. To help you come out successful on the other side, consider the help of an experienced recruiting firm like Planet Pro.

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