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11 Signs Your Job Interview is Going Well

You’ve prepped extensively and feel you’re ready for anything that might be thrown your way. You enter the office – butterflies fluttering – and nervously sit down across the desk from the hiring manager. The interview begins and you start to navigate your way through the discussion. All the while, a nagging thought tugs at the back of your mind, “How am I doing?” It’s always difficult to know for sure, but here are 11 signs your job interview is going well.

  1. The interviewer is using your name throughout the conversation. It’s a good sign they are engaged in the conversation and perhaps picturing you as part of their organization.
  2. He or she asks specific questions concerning how active your job search is and what other opportunities you have. This could show a sense of urgency and concern you may not be available for long.
  3. The interviewer asks for your level of interest in the position and the company.
  4. The person you are meeting with requests your references on the spot.
  5. The hiring manager offers next steps, asks for your availability for further discussions and provides specific names and titles of people in the company with whom you will be meeting.
  6. The conversation is an active give-and-take, and the interview lasts longer than scheduled.
  7. The interviewer spends time selling you on the company and the opportunity.
  8. The interviewer hands you a business card and invites you to call or email anytime with questions.
  9. He or she takes you on a tour of the company, introduces you to other people, and shows you where your office would be located. This is a hugely positive sign, since a hiring manager is not going to devote this much time and effort unless there is a high level of interest.
  10. The hiring manager brings up the topic of salary, health insurance, bonuses, profit sharing and other company benefits.
  11. The interviewer asks you for your timeline, when you could give notice, what vacations you have planned and when you would be free to start.

Reading between the lines can be tricky, but the more of these signs you experience during your interview, the greater the chances your job interview is going well and you’ll be landing the position.

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