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Planet Professional specializes in helping businesses attract and retain top talent in the Accounting and Finance, HR, and Administrative sectors.

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As an award-winning talent acquisition firm, Planet Professional has helped thousands of companies – from Fortune 500 powerhouses to cutting-edge start-ups – identify, attract, and recruit highly-skilled professionals.

Recruiting Made Easy

Save time and money by finding the right candidates the first time. We work quickly and efficiently to get you the help you need.

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Timing is crucial in our industry. We deliver faster service than our competitors without losing our commitment to quality. We focus on efficiency and streamlining our recruitment processes to deliver top results.


The reason why so many of our clients stick with us is that we’re good at what we do. We’re about people, not numbers. Creating healthy relationships between our clients and candidates is our expertise.


We’ve been around long enough to work out the kinks. We’ve mastered our process and are not complacent. We keep up with industry trends and leverage flexible delivery models to assure each client gets the experience and service that's right for them.


We help our clients manage costs while retaining the right resources to ensure requirements are met.

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When it comes to regulations, we keep a tight lid on what laws are applicable and should be followed. It’s important for us to stay well-versed on any updates for everyone involved.

Working with Planet Professional

“Andy Finn has been an incredible mentor and resource to me over the last several years of job searches/placements. I am truly grateful for his expertise, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile and am thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service provided by your organization.”

Joseph D.

“I have applied to many staffing agencies and worked for three besides Planet Professional. Most never get back to you or respond to your initial contact/meeting. My contact with Liz Webster Felix has been pretty consistent and whenever a position came up that she thought I might be interested in, she contacted me both via email and by calling. That is rare, based on my experience with other firms, most I have never heard from again, once interviewed. Your team is solid from my point of view.”

Nancy K.

“Rae was absolutely amazing. She kept in close contact with me all the way through the job search process, making me very comfortable because I knew that she actually cared whether or not I got a job, unlike many of the people at other staffing agencies. She kept me informed of any new positions, found exactly what I was looking for, and then made sure I was prepared in every way for the interview. Rae Sanders in particular, and Planet Professional in general, really improved my quality of life! You guys are awesome!”

Tim K.

“I thought I was sure about the specific criteria I was looking for in my job search, but Planet Professional opened my mind with absolutely NO pressure. They encouraged me to explore different opportunities that I would have completely overlooked being on my own, and isn’t that what a staffing company should do?”

Veronica R.

Our global Workforce Hiring Solutions

We offer a suite of custom solutions to meet our clients' needs

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Short term work can be very beneficial for both employers and job-seekers. Because of the reduced long term cost of contract work, employers can focus on making the most of their resources on a project to project basis.

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Payroll Support

Save time, money, and stay compliant with a skilled payroll support team. Our team of experts will be by your side making sure that you have the highest tier support throughout our relationship.

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Finding a contractor and then hiring them full-time is the perfect combination. Without the long term commitment on the front end of the employment relationship, employees can get right to work and get the ball rolling sooner.

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Project Consulting

Sometimes, all you need is to bring in an outside perspective. Find a highly-skilled consultant for your business to help get you the resources you need for your next big project.

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Direct Hire

Bring someone onto your team that’s a great fit for the role. Our team of highly experienced and connected recruiters can make sure that both employers and job seekers have their needs met.

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We want to help you maintain steady and efficient resourcing efforts project over project. Profitability and efficiency are our top priority for our working relationship.

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