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Sr Coordinator

Job ID: BH481110

Category: Administrative Assistant

Specialty: Administrative

Job Title: Sr. Coordinator

Must Haves:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Minimum 4 years of applicable experience in a healthcare or laboratory setting
  • Intermediate to Advanced knowledge/use of medical terminology


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • EPIC
  • PowerPath

Job Summary:

Acting under the direction of the Administrative Manager, the Senior Surgical Pathology Coordinator will work at an advanced level and under general supervision to perform technical and clerical functions required for core front-end laboratory operations, clinical and administrative support to a director, faculty, and/or chief of service, database and materials management for clinical and research projects, calendar management, travel arrangements, and coordinates conferences and courses. The Senior Surgical Pathology Coordinator is responsible for the registration and insurance verification of private consult cases received by the Pathology Service; the accessioning of specimens according to approved protocols and documentation of materials received. The Senior Surgical Pathology Coordinator will serve as the liaison between clients and pathology and follow up on the timely receipt of slides and blocks.


Clinical Support Duties:

1. This position includes a high level of responsibility for all aspects of organization and management of the Dermatopathology Service. It also has a significant need for interfacing with multiple individuals and institutions.

2. Opens, organizes, and accessions all consult cases received for specified Pathologists/Service. This includes ensuring accuracy of all information needed for patient data, billing, and materials management. It also includes obtaining any missing information as identified above that is necessary for the case to be reviewed. Also registers patients and referring physicians when necessary. Ensures that accessioned case is delivered to the correct Resident/Fellow/Pathologist. Ensures receipt of final diagnostic report by respective referring physician. Organizes, edits, and transcribes manuscripts and chapters for textbooks. Facilitates communication between coauthors, as well as following through on all paperwork for publication.

3. Transcribes and types – from dictation and handwritten copy- all manner of documents including manuscripts, reports, grants, correspondence, manuals, abstracts, chapters, course materials, proposals et al. Responsible for proofreading, editing, and ensuring accuracy on all levels.

4. Orders, picks up and facilitates the handling of materials (e.g, slides, blocks, and reports) for clinical review and conferences.

5. Coordinates, schedules Fellowship Program interviews and follow-up as necessary. Coordinates, schedules, and follows up on “observer-ships”.

6. Organizes legal cases, facilitates communication between Chief of the Division and attorneys; maintains confidential records, as well as composing and sending invoices, keeping track of invoices sent and payment received, and creating legal documents (e.g., legal letters, detailing case info/diagnosis), and scheduling meetings as well as depositions.

Non-Clinical Duties:

1. Accession case into Pathology LIS (PowerPath) following established procedures.

2. Register patients in Epic for final reporting and billing.

3. Responsible for the distribution and triaging of private consult cases to appropriate pathologist for review.

4. Researches, retrieves, copies, picks up and delivers all manner of paperwork throughout campus.

5. Files, faxes, emails, photocopies, prepares materials for couriers.

6. Transcribes and types documents including manuscripts, reports, grants, correspondence, manuals, abstracts, chapters, course materials, proposals, et al. Responsible for proofreading, editing and ensuring accuracy on all levels.

7. Coordinates Outlook calendar, schedules appointments, meetings, conferences, and travel arrangement. Coordinates all aspects of travel (e.g., flights, hotel reservation, registration for conferences and meeting).

8. Prepares and submits all paperwork associated with reimbursement (travel, meals, registration fees, etc.).

9. Processes and updates academic records, CVs, and biographical sketches.

10. Maintains division specific databases and creates reports as needed.

11. Orders, picks up and facilitates the handling of materials (e.g., slides, blocks, and reports) used for conferences, research projects, and clinical trials. Maintains delivery logs, shipments, and consults requests.

12. Maintains office and orders supplies. Oversees cleaning and maintenance as directed.

13. Performs all other duties and responsibilities as directed.



  • Knowledge and use of intermediate medical terminology.
  • Experience in a healthcare or laboratory setting preferred.
  • PowerPath, EPIC knowledge preferred, but not required.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office application required.
  • Ability to type 60 WPM and complete data entry with a high level of accuracy.


  • Associate Degree required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.


  • Minimum 4 years applicable experience in a healthcare or laboratory setting required.
  • Understanding and use of advanced level medical terminology required.
  • Experience using PowerPath – preferred, but not required.
  • Experience using EPIC – preferred, but not required.
  • Understanding of billing operations required.


Work is performed in an office setting. Daily handling of consult tissue slides and paraffin tissue blocks. Requires walking to multiple sites on the campus. Refer to Addendum C for specific information on physical/environmental requirements of the job.

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Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Boston, Massachusetts