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Recruiter: Technical

Job ID: BH431508

Category: Recruiter: Technical, Recruiter: Engineering, Recruiter

Specialty: Human Resources

Head Start Yes — HR NE, HR NY, HR National
Assigned to:
PART TIME 15-25 hours/week

Hourly: 50-55, flex 60

Background Check: getting info

Why open: growth, have about 7 openings and no one in recruiting right now


  • Experience recruiting for Software Engineers, tech/data/product roles?
  • What is your desired schedule?

Backstory/Additional Job Details/Recruiting for candidate insight? This person will be working on about 7 reqs at a time, mainly software engineering, some data roles, some product roles. All are posted online. They have about 50 employees total, no one in Recruiting and no ATS so this person needs to be comfortable developing recruitment processes and strategies themselves.

Do not send: candidates who do not have tech recruiting experience

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Technical Recruiter
4-6+ month contract assignment

Job Location: 100% remote
Hours: 15-25 hours/week

Company Information, Industry, Size: PaymentWorks digital onboarding eliminates the risk of business payments fraud, reduces cost and ensures compliance by automating complex supplier onboarding and management processes.

Team Size: Working closely with VP of Engineering  

Interview Process: Video interviews

Must Haves:

  • Technical recruiting experience
  • Proactive sourcing experience
  • Experience partnering closely with hiring managers


  • Experience recruiting for Software Engineers
  • Data and/or Product recruitment experience

Job Summary/Description:

  • Work with hiring managers to understand open reqs
  • Develop and implement recruitment strategies and processes
  • Proactively source for qualified candidates
  • Schedule and conduct phone and video interviews
  • Partner with hiring managers to make hiring decisions
  • Handle onboarding as necessary

The Planet Group of Companies is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts