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Project Coordinator

Job ID: BH351001

Category: Project Coordinator

Specialty: Accounting & Finance

Job Title: Project Coordinator

Contract: Temp

Job Location: Remote

Industry: Healthcare

Co. Size: 78,000+ employees

Job Summary/Description:

The program is hoping to engage in an important data quality assurance (QA) project with a motivated, deadline-driven and detail-oriented project coordinator to help our program’s team track work through the several phases of our data QA process. The selected individual will assure that QA’d data that has “passed” QA successfully is processed properly and recorded. Data that are found to have issues requiring resolution will require the individual to manage such work through a correction process involving several staff until corrections are ultimately made. The selected individual will also be a significant contributor to a documentation upgrade project, described below, which will be highly administrative in nature.

The Project Coordinator will be engaged by the program and will work closely with a QA data analyst, and the project team’s leadership, business analyst and questionnaire build management. The position reports to the administrative director of the program and will largely be managed by the leadership of clinical and build operations. This contract role requires accurate management of clinically-important issues relating to patient-entered data to execute accurate, valid, reliable, and timely QA results. Accurate document formatting is also a key skill for this engagement.



1) Review with program management, lists of sets of data that have not yet been QA reviewed, and determine which set(s) will come next.

2) Obtaining from the project team, an updated copy of the MS Word document that describes the set of questionnaires being assigned to patients on the Epic electronic health records (EHR) system. The document includes the questions, answer choices, scoring value for each answer choice and the scoring criteria through which a final score is calculated.

a. If an updated set of documents are not available, work with program staff to request updates

b. If updated documentation is available, create a work order for the QA Data Analyst to review the set.

3) Following data analyst review, record each data set as having passed or as having issues

a. For passed data, assure that database records the data set as passed by working with program staff.

b. For data with issues,

i. Assure that the issue is adequately documented (time run of issue, nature of issue)

ii. Work with program staff to obtain a determination of level of severity; enter a work order for correction of data

iii. Record likely timeline for correction and track until correction is completed

iv. When issue is corrected, add correction date to issue’s description

v. Work with staff to flag issues in database and to add issue’s finalized description to an issues log.

4) Keep track of work moving across all of the above phases.

5) Working with program staff, incorporate QA work of the last year into recordkeeping, assuring that passed work

was recorded as passed and that data flagged as potentially errant was in fact corrected and documented.

Updating of Questionnaire Catalogs

The program’s set of approximately 70 Microsoft Word documents explain for providers and administrators which questionnaires are contained in each specialty’s questionnaire set, plus all relevant details for each questionnaire, including text of all questions, scoring and branching logic, how the Epic EHR system is configured in order to deliver the questionnaire to the patient, etc. The program is updating this documentation with additional detailed information and is also updating the format of each document with tables of contents, latest branding and other elements.

The Project Coordinator will:

1) Obtain list of next questionnaires to be reviewed from Sr. Project Manager and/or the Program Manager for the project Epic build to understand what questionnaires will be next updated in this project.

2) Coordinating with the Program Manager, for each set of updated information for each catalog, bring that updated info into a new catalog template, and format accordingly to create an updated, uniform, branded appearance.

3) Check or add table of contents with hyperlinks and test hyperlinks for proper functionality

4) Create an associated document shell for a “translations” appendix document which will be separate from but will accompany the catalog (Appendix document cover page references catalog name to which it applies).

5) Potentially, add existing translations provided from the project. This step TBD as of the time of writing this document.

6) Store the two documents: Both Catalog and translations appendix in updated, organized SFA folder structure for catalogs, translations, archive documents and source documents.


? Associates or bachelor’s degree preferred, or equivalent direct experience

? 2+ years of experience working with business tools such as MS Excel for tracking work and MS Word for documentation.

? Background in or in support of data, IS, clinical, quality assurance


? Experience in tracking multiple project pieces using Microsoft Excel or similar

? Experienced in tracking tasks/stages within individual projects and communicating task status, including the communication of items of concern

? Clear written and spoken business communications skills

? Some familiarity or exposure to data/data sets is helpful, as is familiarity with clinical data

? Experience working with those engaged in data analysis and reporting

? Detail orientation/attention to detail is a must

? Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, set priorities, and collaborate with team members and others throughout the organization

? Self-motivated, resourceful, and able to take initiative

? Ability to work both independently and as part of a team essential

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Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Remote Based