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Risk Management Consultant

Job ID: BH349537

Category: Risk Analyst

Specialty: Accounting & Finance


Responsible for identifying corporate exposures to loss and implementing appropriate risk management techniques to eliminate or reduce the impact of such loss on the ability of the corporation to perform at a desirable level. Experience in products and manufacturing with heavy reporting responsibilities. Must be culturally sensitive Responsible for administration of the risk management function


Strategy & Planning
• Develop a risk management strategy for the corporation, identifying both short and long-term goals, and a Risk Management Mission Statement
• Research, evaluate and make recommendations regarding current and state-of-the-art trends in risk management, safety, loss control and claims management strategies
• Review potential acquisitions to identify significant risk management and insurance issues and make recommendations
• Identify and analyze potential impact of exposures of loss faced by the corporation

Standards Setting
• Establish contract standards for insurance and indemnification wording
• Establish standards for cost allocations
• Develop standard processes and procedures for risk management functions

• Provide consultation and technical advise on insurance and risk management issues to corporate and business units management
• Provide leadership to corporate and to subsidiary personnel in adopting the best-demonstrated practices of companies that have been very successful in the area of risk management; monitor results of these activities
• Prepare and present financial and departmental reports to management
• Develop and maintain a Risk Management Program Manual for distribution to corporate and business units management
• Prepare and manage annual risk management and insurance budget, including cost allocations to business units
• Oversee the Property and Casualty insurance programs, including self-insured programs
• Negotiate insurance placement pricing, structure and limits for all property, casualty and other insurance policies and service agreements
• Conduct cost/benefit analysis of program alternatives
• Evaluate adequacy of limits and appropriateness of retentions/deductibles

Program Processes and Procedures
• Review leases, contracts and other legal documents to evaluate appropriateness of wording and assure compliance with insurance and risk management policies
• Analyze and distribute property and casualty reports to business units
• Develop and maintain historical exposure information
• Develop and retain vital information regarding corporate risk management programs
• Administer personnel issues of staffing, training, advancement

Safety and Loss Control
• Coordinate internal and external loss control activity
• In conjunction with business units management establish a Safety Policy and appropriate procedures, with identifying benchmarks
• Work together with business units to establish and support Safety Committees
• In conjunction with business units, develop a safety strategy for creating a safe work environment and for reducing the incidence of worker injury
• Assist business units with their review and inspection of facilities with a focus on loss reduction
• Review, report and provide recommendations on loss prevention reports

Claims Management
• Oversee insurance claims management and claim litigation processes
• Analyze loss data to identify trends and identify appropriate cost containment techniques
• Investigate major losses and negotiate settlements
• Collaborate with legal and other personnel on pertinent claims matters
• Establish formalized claims service standards with service providers
• Provide direction in development of an effective Post-Loss Injury Management Program

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Type: Temp/Contract

Location: Remote Based