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Planet Spotlight: Liz Eiseman

Liz Eiseman is a recruiter with Planet Professional. Check out her Planet Spotlight to get her take on the market today.


I love connecting with candidates and really hearing what they’re looking for and their next steps in their job search and seeing if we can connect them with something that might help them now or in the future.

What roles are most in-demand right now?

I would definitely say Administrative Assistants in Biotech and Biopharma. Those positions are very hot. We always need new resumes, always excited to meet candidates who are interested in moving into Biotech or leveraging up and moving within the same industry.

What makes you a great resource for job seekers?

I listen to all of your goals – where you said and what you’re ultimately hoping to achieve in the future.

What should a candidate never say in a job interview?

You should never, in an interview, say that you dislike your current or former company.

What is the toughest interview question?

The hardest interview question, I think, is: “What are your questions?” Because if you’re not prepared and you don’t have any questions for the hiring manager, it indicates that you’re maybe not as interested in the role as everyone thought that you might have been.